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Life is not only to exist but to learn and to grow. We are determined to elevate our industry. Through Knowledge we inspire. Our inspiration creates momentum. That momentum ignites creative Synergy. Mastering hair in all of its facets is truly our definition of an Artisan/Craftsman. 

Eden: the garden of creation. Ology: a subject of study; a branch of knowledge. We call it EDENOLOGY.




We have a dedication to create happiness. How does happiness happen? Happiness to us is simple. Education. The more knowledge you receive, the more awareness you gain. In turn, you are elevated to a higher level of consciousness. Perceptions change and paradigms shift. 


Our “Edenologists” along with our industry colleagues join together to offer Higher Hair Education to licensed professionals. Classes, courses, and collaborations are accessible. Edenology is a brand focused on educating everyday people as well. When we educate the artist, we can spread the knowledge to our guests at a higher level. 


Inspiring the world around us makes it a better place. Get connected with us.